About Me

selfie with castle
Visiting Château Chenonceau


I never really know what to say about myself.  When you meet someone new, they ask “what do you like to do?” or “what are your hobbies?” or other similar questions and I always find myself drowning in anxiety, trying to decide what to say to make me sound like my most intriguing self.  But here I am, all by myself with as much time as I want to carefully craft an About Me section that makes me sound suuuuuuper freaking awesome!  Let’s see if I succeed.





I am a 27-year-old Upstate New York native.  Like, wayyy Upstate.  NYC natives don’t know the difference between my hometown and Canada.  I’m from a small town at the top of NY State, which we call “The North Country”.  This part of NY is known for its disastrous lake effect snow and below-zero temperatures in the winter.  It’s great.

A little over a year ago I moved to the Capitol Region, aka Albany, NY.  Here I live with my sister and her cat.  I have a full-time job and do blogging on the side.


But between the North Country and the Capital Region eras, there was a loooot of movement going on!  I’ll try to be brief.



I went to SUNY Cortland where I double majored in French & Spanish.  In order to obtain these Bachelor’s Degrees, I spent one semester studying abroad in La Rochelle, France, and the semester immediately following in Salamanca, Spain.  I came back to the states and finished up my degrees, and while still in Cortland, I applied for a program called TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France).  I was accepted and placed in Le Mans, France, where I lived for 10 months the following academic year.


As of right now, I’ve been to 18 different countries.

My list, if you’re interested: Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Austria, and Slovakia

museum in Brussels with friend
In Brussels with my friend Sophie


Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria


My Life Outside of Travel

When I’m not dreaming of my next European adventure, I can be found bingeing shows on Netflix (in record-speed, I assure you.  It’s depressing.), bingeing YouTube videos (some favorite creators are PewDiePie, JaclynGlenn, Cody Ko, and Jeffree Star [yes, an eclectic collection]), reading, playing video games, listening to podcasts sometimes, and trying to hit the gym/be healthy.  That last one doesn’t always go so well.  I’ve also just passed 2 years of being pescatarian (I’d be full vegetarian if I could give up sushi – not gonna happen!!), and I am a huge animal-lover.  Many friends describe me as a “cat lady”.


picture with cat
hanging out with my ‘cousin’, Alouette