Liebster Award Nomination!

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award!  I’m super grateful, considering I’ve got an incredibly small following at the moment, and have only been blogging for 3 ½ months!

Liebster Award

What is the Liebster Award?

This is an award designed to bring more traffic to newer blogs by recognizing their hard work!  There are a few rules, should you choose to accept your nomination:

  • Display the award on your blog
  • Thank the person that nominated you
  • Answer the list of questions your nominator asked (is nominator a word??)
  • Nominate at least 5 other people
  • Create your own list of questions for your nominees to answer

If you’d like to delve a little deeper into this award’s origins and rules, check out this post:


Who Nominated Me?


I was nominated for this by The Invisible Traveler, aka Alyse.  She was inspired to start a blog for people who do neither budget travel nor luxury travel.  She realized there wasn’t a ton of resources for people with a budget that’s more “middle of the road” (travel pun intended!!), and decided she wanted to contribute to this little niche.  In the past 9 years she’s been to 230 cities, which means she’s well-versed in travel know-how.

If you want to know more about Alyse, and see her own post about receiving the Liebster Award, click here!!


My Answers to The Invisible Tourist’s Questions


#1 What’s at the top of your bucket list?

I think learning another language is pretty high up there!  I’m very interested in learning Swedish…I’m hoping to find a good way of doing that ASAP!

#2 A travel lesson you learned the hard way?

Hmm, well, I’ve been relatively fortunate and haven’t had any major mishaps…but I would say that I’ve learned to plan ahead and always give myself extra time to get places!  There have been a few close calls with almost missing transportation, or getting off a long flight and not having a route planned out to get to a hostel/hotel.  It’s very hard (for me, at least) to find my way around a new city w/ no route planned when I’m sleepy and cranky.  So I’ve learned to be prepared in that sense!

#3 What won’t you leave home without?

My iPod!  When I’m traveling, I need music.  When I’m working, I need music.  When I’m driving, I need music.  I just need to have it on hand for all sorts of situations, whether it’s to help me sleep, help me focus, etc.

#4 Most memorable travel experience?

Oh, there are so many!!  I might have to say my trip to Gothenburg, Sweden, for a few reasons.  I got to experience authentic Swedish Christmas traditions and food, which was very cool.  But I also got incredibly ill while I was there, which also makes it memorable but not in the best way!  It makes for quite the anecdote now!

#5 Your favorite country and why?

I think my favorite country would have to be France.  I’m a little biased, since I studied abroad there for 3 ½ months and lived there for 10 months, but I can’t help it!  I love the language, I love the food, the culture…just about everything!

#6 Do you keep an old-school travel journal (by old-school I mean notebook and pen)?

It kind of depends on what I can fit in my bag, honestly!  I like writing things down, but unfortunately, notebooks/journals are usually one of the first things to go if my bag is feeling heavy.  With my iPhone, I can just write travel notes on an app quickly and without any extra items, and I do love convenience!

#7 Do you prefer to fly, drive or travel by train for long distances?

Train, most definitely!  I’m very good at sleeping on trains so I enjoy them.  Besides, I have some extreme flight anxiety so anything I can do to avoid flying, I’m all about it! (damn you, Atlantic Ocean, for standing in my way of getting to Europe by train!)

#8 Favourite cuisine you could eat forever?

Italian.  Anything pasta- or bread- or pizza-related, I am SO. THERE.  I love carbs.

#9 Strangest thing you’ve seen on your travels?

When I visited Helsinki, I stayed at a hostel where in the parking lot, a bunch of horses were being boarded because there was some type of horse show nearby that week.  That was pretty odd!  Actually, that hostel was just odd in general.

#10 Do you collect any sort of souvenirs from the places you visit?

One thing I really love to collect are the pennies you squish in machines.  You know, the ones where you put in a penny and about $1, pick the nifty picture you like best, then turn the crank so it squishes your penny and puts the nifty pic on there.  I don’t know why, I just really enjoy those and have picked them up from different locations for the majority of my life.

#11 Have you ever visited a place just because you saw it in a book, on social media or in a movie?

Yes!  Bruges, Belgium.  When I studied in La Rochelle, France, I took a literature course and one of the books we read was called Bruges-la-Morte, by Georges Rodenbach.  Honestly, this book doesn’t paint the prettiest picture of Bruges, since Rodenbach spends the entire book comparing Bruges to death.  But I really liked the book and when I was heading to Belgium, I knew I just had to see Bruges for myself.


My Nominees

  1. Travel Colorfully aka Taylor – Taylor has lived in Italy, Thailand, Paris…she’s got some travel/abroad experience under her belt!  She’s got a bright, intriguing blog that details her own trips around the world and gives advice to fellow travelers.  The photography on her blog is also amazing!
  2. The Savvy Globetrotter aka Patti – Patti has been to every continent and to over 40 different countries!  Her blog is chock full of travel resources, including great travel gear, where to go, luxury travel, and more!  Plus, her site is easy to navigate!
  3. Becky the Traveller – Becky is a travel writer & photographer who has been to 6 continents and 40 countries (her and Patti are neck and neck!).  Her blog features travel tips, travel stories, and she even has a summer giveaway going on!  She does solo travel and outdoorsy travel, and her blog is a lot of fun to explore.
  4. Bright Nomad aka Tal – Tal has also been to 40 different countries, and has been roaming the world since 2009.  She is interested in photography and writes about travel tips and Vegan traveling!  Her blog is a great resource for vegans & vegetarians who are looking for places to eat around the world.  She also has a lot of great advice on how to plan for trips.
  5. Jusz Travel aka Justine – Justine is a multimedia journalist who has a great blog featuring budget travel and travel tips.  She also features other bloggers and websites that she has gotten inspiration from!  She shares her bucket list and I love that she marks when she’s accomplished one of her goals!


Questions for My Nominees

#1 – Do you prefer to travel alone or with a buddy (or buddies!)?

#2 – Where’s the first place you remember traveling to?

#3 – Was there anything in particular that inspired you to travel more?

#4 – In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about traveling?

#5 – What’s your preferred type of accommodation and why (hotel, hostel, bnb, etc.)?

#6 – What inspired you to start your blog?

#7 – Do you have a favorite city/town that you’ve been to?

#8 – Do you prefer to walk, drive, or take public transport when you visit a new city?

#9 – Have you ever felt at home in a new city/town?

#10 – Are there any places you’ve been to that didn’t quite live up to your expectations?

#11 – What advice do you have for travel newbies?

3 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination!

  1. I love that you want to learn another language. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish or YEARS. I would love to be fluent or even conversational, but it’s so hard learning a new language as an adult.

    1. Yeah, it definitely is tricky! And it takes dedication, too. Practicing often is super important!

  2. I loved reading all your answers, Alicia! What an amazing experience it would have been to see a traditional Christmas in Sweden. Such a wonderful memory that must be! And I love those pennies you squish into machines too, hehe. Good luck with learning Swedish and thanks for your answers 🙂

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