My Very First Post!

Hi there, and welcome to my new blog!

I’ve had some blogs in the past, but they were temporary, fleeting things that I used to let people keep up with me and my time spent living abroad.


With this more permanent blog, my goals are:

  1. Talk about my passions, such as: learning languages, traveling, and learning about different cultures.
  2. Help myself keep up with my French & Spanish because hey, I am allowed to be a little selfish, right??
  3. Stay creative!  (Again with the being selfish.)
  4. Connect with people who have their own great ideas about traveling and languages!
  5. Learn some new things.
  6. Maybe even discuss vegetarianism/how to prepare different traditional dishes to make them vegetarian.


Now I know this is the shortest blog post in the history of man, but I just wanted to take a minute to post my goals and give anyone out there reading this an idea on what they can expect from my blog in the future.  So if any of what I said piques your interest, then stay tuned for more!  =)

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